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If you think all cash home buyers are the same… you are WRONG!

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Get a free, fair, cash offer in 24 hours and close when you want. Click Today. . .


How to Avoid We Buy Houses Scams

There are many people and companies out there claiming to offer “We Buy Houses” type services. But as a person who needs to sell your house what should you be on the look out for?

Look for a company or person that CAN close when they say. Do they have the funds to actually purchase your house for cash? Ask for proof of funds!

FasterHouse will give you a whole packet which includes our proof of funds letter that assures you that we can close when we say. The packet will also include many other pieces of information like contact people and numbers, the title company’s information that we have used for many, many years.

Find out the person or company’s track record. How long have they been in business? Did they just roll out of a class or bootcamp and now they are calling themselves a cash buyer?

Are they rated or in good standing with the Better Business Bureau? What is there history? Do they have complaints? If so did they respond? How long have they been with the BBB?

FasterHouse has been accredited with the BBB since January 31st of 2006 with an A+ Rating. FasterHouse has been in business since 2002! Here is a link to FasterHouse’s BBB page.

Do they have reviews on social media sites? Sites like Google and Facebook are great places to see if people have had a good experience using a company. While there can be the occasional bad rating you are looking for tends. Are the rating / review trends good or bad?

By going to sites like Google or Facebook you know the business can’t manipulate the ratings.

FasterHouse has many reviews on sites like Google and Facebook with 4.8 out of 5 stars. Just Google “FasterHouse” and notice the results on the left side.

Ask where there office is located. Legitimate businesses usually have an office. Are they local? Do they just work out of their house? Or are they just passing through and working out of their car?

FasterHouse has an office located in New Town in St Charles Missouri. You can visit any time during working office from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. There is a staff that will answer the phones and greet you if you stop by just like a regular office.

Are the cash buyers local or from a national company? There are many national companies that are just fly by night operations that hire someone local to represent them but have no history in our area. Do they really understand the current local real estate markets? Will they just low-ball you to play it safe because they really don’t understand the local market?

FasterHouse was founded by a real estate appraiser and has built the company based on extensive real estate market knowledge. They know every street in the St Louis Metro area including South St Louis City, St Louis County, St Charles County and the north and east parts of Jefferson County.

Do they have a business license? Is the person wanting to purchase your house, which is a big deal, in a real business? Ask for a copy of their business license. Or is the person just a weekend warrior looking to make a quick buck? How long have they been in business? ASK!

FasterHouse is a licensed business in St Charles City/County since that is where the office is located. They have been in business since 2002 and have helped thousands of people find solutions for their real estate needs.


Get a free, fair, cash offer in 24 hours and close when you want. Click Today. . .



If You Think All Cash Home Buyers Are The Same . . .
You are WRONG!

To summarize, ask the following questions to anyone claiming to be a local cash buyer:


  • Do they have a current Proof of Funds?
  • Do they have an office?
  • Are they licensed as a business?
  • Do they have accreditation from the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do they have a track record?
  • Do they have testimonials and reviews?
  • Are they local?

The bottom line. . . can the person deliver what they are promising? Buying a house is a big deal and should be handled that way. Professionally from start to finish. So do your research before signing any paperwork.