Villas can be the perfect housing option for many different types of people. But what happens when a villa is no longer the right choice for you? In these instances, selling your St Louis villa to a cash buyer like FasterHouse can provide an excellent solution – and quick cash!

For many people, one of the most appealing things about villas is that they do not require upkeep of a yard. After all, who wants to devote 1-2 days per week during the spring, summer, and autumn months mowing the lawn, trimming weeds, manicuring hedges, etc.? However, just because a villa and its low-maintenance approach to home ownership are good for you during one stage of your life, it does not mean things will always be that way. You may reach a point in your life in which you want to own a yard, and the work to maintain it does not seem so aversive.

For others, the value of a villa lies less in issues like upkeep and more about where they are in life. If you are single and are not planning on starting a family soon, then villas might make a more appealing option for you. You won’t need as much space and the price point will likely be easier for a young, first-time homeowner to buy into.

But when your station in life changes and it is time to move on from your villa in St Louis, you will love how easy it is to sell your property as-is. There are many advantages to selling your St Louis villa as-is rather than through more traditional means.

For example, if any damage has occurred, or repairs to things like furnaces, air conditioners, sinks, etc., are needed, you will need to pay to have those fixed before completing a traditional sale. But with an as-is sale, your buyer accepts the home in the current condition it is in. This saves you on the expense of repairs as well as the time needed to conduct them.

The process of selling as-is can be considerably easier as well. If choosing a real estate agent, staging your home, listing it, waiting for a buyer to choose it, and then negotiating over sales terms sounds like too much work, you’re right, it is. You don’t have to go through all of these steps when selling your St Louis villa as-is.

You will start by contacting one of our expert home buyers at FasterHouse, who will schedule time to look at your home. After inspecting it, we will make you a fair cash offer based on our detailed knowledge of the marketplace – especially the St Louis area. After you offer, we will put our contacts at title companies to work for you to expedite the closing process so that you can get the cash you need from the sale fast.

When you have made the decision to sell your villa in St Louis, you will want to get a fast cash payment rather than dragging the sales process out for several months. You’ll want to avoid making additional investments to make repairs for the property. And that means you will want to turn to FasterHouse for our experience with as-is sales. Call us today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form to get started!

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