Sell Your House - Downsizing SeniorsSell Your House - Downsizing Seniors

Sell Your House - Downsizing Seniors Sell Your House - Downsizing SeniorsIn the wildly popular television series Friends, Monica and Ross’ parents decided to sell their old house without telling them. This made the siblings furious, until they found out why it was on the market. Mr. and Mrs. Geller wanted another family to have a shot in life in the same home they came to love.  With this understanding, Monica and Ross didn’t just accept it, they even helped with the process of selling.

If you own a house and are near retirement age, chances are you’ve given some thought to moving. Living in the same spot for decades can get humdrum and the house can become a burden to manage.  Selling your property now is not only possible, but you will be doing a service to families who are looking for a new place to call home.

A Generosity Unmatched

With FasterHouse, you can sell your house quickly and for cash. There are no worries about the deal falling through, as there are no inspections or contingencies. In addition to selling your house hassle-free, you will be helping another family move forward with their lives. Homes are much more than a shelter for most people; it’s a lease on a new life. New neighborhood, new school, and a new community, it’s what everyone wants.

It’s never your obligation to look after strangers. They can mind their own, and you do you. But, if you feel like you’re holding back on making the change you’ve always wanted, thinking about selling in this way can give you a new perspective. At FasterHouse, we are ready to assist you with anything that will make your transition faster.

Living in the Great St. Louis

St. Louis is an undeniably great city to call home.  But moving to a more temperate climate or nearer to family may be a great thing for you.  If so, FasterHouse is ready to help make the whole processes as smooth and easy as possible.

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