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Inherited Property

Sell your inherited house / property for cash without any hassles if you need to sell my house fast St Louis. FasterHouse is a professional house buying company. We buy houses St Louis as is in any condition, ugly or pretty, through out the St Louis Missouri metro area. Get a free, fair offer call 314-926-0660 today!

How to Sell Your Home Fast for Cash [2023 Mega Guide]

    How to Sell Your Home Fast for Cash [2023 Mega Guide] Sometimes life throws us a curveball and we have to react quickly to avoid letting it turn our whole life upside down. Maybe you got a new job in another state or you inherited an unwanted house and you need to get rid of it quickly. Whatever the reason, selling your home for cash can be a great way to get your money fast. There are several things you can do to help sell your home fast for cash.… Read More »How to Sell Your Home Fast for Cash [2023 Mega Guide]

    Assessed Value vs Market Value for Home Sale

    The Guide to Selling My Inherited House in Saint Louis, MO

      The Guide to Selling My Inherited House in Saint Louis, MO We work with St. Louis-area residents who have many different reasons for selling their homes, and one question we often receive is “Should I sell my inherited house in St. Louis?” FasterHouse specializes in these types of home sales, so we encourage you to reach out to our local experts if you are going to sell your inherited house in St. Louis. We know it’s essential to make the right decision especially given that you’re deciding what to do… Read More »The Guide to Selling My Inherited House in Saint Louis, MO

      Sell My Inherited House

      Sell My Inherited House

        I need or want to sell my inherited house. What should I do? If you have inherited a house and are thinking about selling it, FasterHouse would like to talk with you. We work with inheritors to help them sort through their options so they can make an informed decision. Our buyers are knowledgeable about the circumstances surrounding an inherited estate, are understanding about the sensitive nature of inheritance issues, especially if the home belonged to your parents, and will work on your preferred time schedule to settle the estate. We… Read More »Sell My Inherited House

        Considerations For Inherited Property

          If you have recently inherited a property, or you think that you may have an inherited property in the future, it is important to understand what your options are in regards to the home. It can actually be a much more complicated issue than many people realize. What are some of the key considerations associated with an inherited property and what you should do with it? What are the tax considerations in my state? If you are inheriting a home, you may be subject to an inheritance tax depending on… Read More »Considerations For Inherited Property

          Who Sells Houses From Out Of State?

          Can I Sell My House From Out of State?

            Did you suddenly find yourself the owner of a house where you do not live? Is the house you own in another state? Then perhaps you are wondering “Can I sell my house from out-of-state?” The short answer is a resounding YES; you can sell your house from out of state. There are no rules that say you have to be in the home or in the same state when you are selling. However, you may want to research your selling options, because there are some sticky issues you will… Read More »Can I Sell My House From Out of State?

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            Selling Inherited Houses for Cash

              There are many reasons that customers approach FasterHouse looking to sell their homes for cash. One common question that we receive is “How can I sell my inherited house in St. Louis?” We’re able to provide a quick, easy solution to those looking to sell inherited St. Louis area homes so that they can get fair value while focusing on other aspects of their lives. For some people, inheriting a home can be a great thing. Perhaps they’re inheriting the home they grew up in, and they’d like to raise… Read More »Selling Inherited Houses for Cash

              House Buying Companies Review in Florissant

              House Buying Companies Review in Florissant

                Heather – “All right, so tell me a little bit about the house that you just sold?” “Well we moved in when I was eight years old, 1973. My mom and dad had a wonderful marriage in that home. Raised us children up until we all left, and I was the only one who stayed close, everyone else kind of moved far away. I’m going to miss it severely I’ve already had my crying spell. It’s a beautiful home it’s a very warm home, never felt any negative feelings off… Read More »House Buying Companies Review in Florissant

                Heir Sells His Inherited Home Fast and Easily

                  FasterHouse Helps an Heir Sell His Inherited Home Quickly and Easily Enjoy watching those home renovation shows?  Want to see some amazing before and after pictures?  Take a look at this video where Bryan Schroeder describes how he helped a son, who had inherited his childhood home after his parents’ death, evaluate his options to settle the estate. Hello!  This is Bryan Schroeder with FasterHouse.  I am excited to share a story with you about a home we recently purchased and renovated.  You are looking at the before and after pictures right now. … Read More »Heir Sells His Inherited Home Fast and Easily

                  Sell Your House - Downsizing SeniorsSell Your House - Downsizing Seniors

                  Why the Decision to Sell Your Home is an Example of Generosity

                    In the wildly popular television series Friends, Monica and Ross’ parents decided to sell their old house without telling them. This made the siblings furious, until they found out why it was on the market. Mr. and Mrs. Geller wanted another family to have a shot in life in the same home they came to love.  With this understanding, Monica and Ross didn’t just accept it, they even helped with the process of selling. If you own a house and are near retirement age, chances are you’ve given some thought to moving. Living… Read More »Why the Decision to Sell Your Home is an Example of Generosity