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If you are considering selling your home, one of the things keeping you from moving forward with the sale might be the length of time typically associated with the selling process. Whether you are looking to sell your home urgently because of some change happening in your life, or you are simply looking for a new home, you do not have to settle for the long, drawn-out steps involved in selling your home through traditional methods. Contact FasterHouse today and we will provide you with a fast home offer.

fast home offer-it is all about speed-showing a fast carSelling your home through a real estate agent involves a great deal of preparation, and for many people it is the only option they are aware of. You must first begin by speaking with local agents to find the one that is best equipped to sell your home. You’ll need to know the right questions to ask –

  • How many homes have they sold in the area recently?
  • How much did other homes sold in the neighborhood go for?
  • How long are homes in your area typically on the market for?

And that’s not where the preparation ends, because once you have selected an agent you will then need to stage the home to be shown. That means getting rid of clutter, improving your curb appeal, fixing any cosmetic issues in the home, and generally having it ready for anyone to walk in and get the best possible impression of your residence.

After spending a few weeks on those steps, you must wait for the right buyer to come along. Depending on what the housing market looks like in your area, this could take a few weeks, or it could take several months. Your agent can give you some projections, but the reality is you will simply not know until you put the home on the market.

Believe it or not, there is still more to the selling process after that. An inspector will identify anything that needs to be repaired in the home, and the buyer might determine that additional repairs are needed as a stipulation of the purchase. So you will have to spend time negotiating back and forth over these details, and also spend time waiting for repairs to be made. Then you will still have a period of 30 to 45 days to close on the final paperwork and then you can finally receive the money from the sale.

That’s a lot of steps, and a lot of time. Even in a best-case scenario in which you find the right agent and buyer and you have minimal repairs and negotiations, you’re looking at multiple months to sell your home and get paid.

This lengthy process is why FasterHouse is such a popular home-selling option for so many residents in the greater St. Louis area. Rather than spend time (and money) weaving through the process of a real estate agent-driven sale, you can get cash fast from FasterHouse.

We are able to make a fast home offer to you because we buy houses as-is. That means that the steps of hiring an agent, staging your home, making cosmetic improvements, waiting for a buyer, and negotiating with them are all eliminated! With FasterHouse, you can get a fast home offer from our team of local home buying experts. Our team has been purchasing homes in St. Louis, St. Charles, and surrounding areas for many years. That means we have detailed knowledge of what local homes throughout the region are worth so that we can make our best offer to you up front so that you can avoid weeks and months of waiting and wondering.

We’ll scheduled a consultation to come on site to view your home. From there will make you a fast home offer in cash; it really is that simple. Once you expect, we can begin the closing process and get you the cash you want in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

If this sounds like a more appealing way to sell your home, you are not alone. Homeowners throughout the greater St. Louis region contact FasterHouse every day to help them get fast cash for their houses, villas, townhomes, and more. Are you ready to start the process? Don’t wait – call us today at (314) 926-0660 or fill out this form.

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