Flooded basement houses

Flooded basement housesA flooded basement can cause a variety of problems ranging from minor inconveniences to ones requiring costly repairs. In more extreme scenarios, you might decide that because of the damage caused by basement flooding that it makes more sense to sell your home as-is. FasterHouse offers you over 15 years of experience helping people in situations similar to yours find an effective way to get fair cash offers for their St Louis houses with flooded basements.

There are many reasons that a basement may flood. Too much rain, backed up sewers, and the way your lawn sits can all contribute to flooding of your basement. And depending on which one of the reasons is causing the flooding, then you might be dealing with a recurring issue or something that only occurs once.

Even a minor flooding issue can prove very costly. You may face as much as $10,000 to repair just a few inches of water damage. But if it is more severe in nature, you could be looking at $50,000 in repair costs. And keep in mind that the damage could be more than the immediately identifiable issues, and could extend to problems like mold which might require extra efforts to address.

Further, most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover flooding-related repair needs. So you are not only looking at tens of thousands of dollars in expenses, you are looking at potentially making those payments out of your own pocket.

With those types of costs to deal with and no relief coming from your homeowner’s insurance policy, you will find yourself evaluating whether it is better to pay for the repairs or sell the home as-is. When selling as-is, you do not have to worry about negotiating with a buyer over making repairs from the flood damage. We will inspect the home ourselves after setting up a convenient time with you, and then make our offer based on the current condition that the home is in. This will save you the expense associated with repairing flooded basement houses in St Louis, as well as the time needed for repairs to be made.

An as-is sale with FasterHouse allows you to get a cash payment at a rate much faster than you would get if you worked with a real estate agent. We will help you get out of your flood-damaged home in St Louis so that you can begin the process of identifying your next home.

If your home’s basement is suffering from flood damage then it is important to know that paying tens of thousands of dollars for repairs is not your only option. Selling your home as-is could be the solution you need to save money and time in a challenging situation. If you are ready to get started or would simply like to learn more, you can call to speak to a local home-buying expert with FasterHouse or fill out our easy-to-use contact form to schedule and in-person meeting.

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