sell my house-young family

sell my house-young familyMost people will not sell their home more than once or twice in their lifetimes. That means if you are considering selling your home, then it is likely your first time doing so. You are likely wondering how can you make sure that you accomplish goals such as:

  • Getting the sale price you are looking for
  • Keeping the timeline for the sales process as short as possible
  • Avoiding any unnecessary costs along the way

At FasterHouse, we meet people everyday who ask us “how can I sell my home while accomplishing all of those goals.” Here is some of the information we share with them.

Getting a Sale Price You are Comfortable With

The first step in selling your home at a value you are comfortable with is to conduct research. What sorts of factors should you research?

  • How much are other homes in the neighborhood selling for?
  • Are those homes comparable to yours? How many rooms do they have? Are their basements finished? Are the yards of a similar size? Are there any other features setting the homes apart?
  • How long have those homes been on the market? Knowing if something has been on the market 3 days vs. 3 months will help you understand not only how long you might expect it to take to sell your home, but also whether you might need to set your price lower to begin with
  • Is the housing market strong? This is a question to ask yourself not only in relation to the housing market as a whole, but in your area in particular. The market can absolutely fluctuate from area to area, with factors like how new an area is, what school district it is in, and what employers are nearby all playing an important role in determining market interest

Understanding these factors will help you in a few different ways. You will be able to set a realistic price for your sale – one that helps you towards your profitability goals but which also recognizes what level someone would be willing to pay. It helps you understand how long you should prepare for the sale to take. And it helps you understand how much demand there might be for your home.

Keeping the Timeline Short

Even if you were to find a buyer on the first showing when selling a house through a real estate agent, you would still be looking at a process from prepping to listing to signing contracts to closing that takes months.

If a shorter timeline is important to you, then an as-is sale will deliver what you are looking for. With no need to stage the home, make repairs, or negotiate, you will cut weeks and possibly even months off of the time it would take to sell your home through an agent or acting as your own agent.

Avoiding Unnecessary Costs

Many people do not realize that there are a number of costs that go into selling a home through an agent. You will obviously need to pay agent fees, but did you also realize you will likely need to pay for cosmetic improvements and upgrades, repairs to the home, and possibly even closing costs?

Those costs can add up quickly. And not only do they cut into the profitability of selling your home, but some of them need to be made out of your pocket before the home is even sold. For example, if you need to buy paint or pay a contractor to fix something at your home, you will need to pay for those supplies or that work as it is completed.

This is another area in which selling your home as-is can help. Since there are no repairs to make to the home, there are no costs associated with that, or with making cosmetic improvements either. And since there is no agent, there is no fee to pay them. Think of how much you can save!

How Can I Sell My Home Fast?

If you have considered all these factors and are now wondering how can I sell my home fast, the answer is simple – call us today or fill out our online contact form. We have a full staff of friendly home-buying experts ready to make the home-selling process a simple one for you. Just call 314-926-0660 or fill out this form.

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