Are you considering selling a home in Lake Saint Louis? If so, you may be surprised to learn that selling your home as-is can be your fastest and most effective path to selling your home. How does selling your home as-is in Lake St. Louis work?

The first step involved in selling your home fast in Lake St. Louis is contacting FasterHouse. We will schedule a visit to your home to look over in the interior and exterior. Our home-buying experts have years of experience purchasing properties in Lake Saint Louis, so they are well-equipped to assess the value of your home so that they can make a fair market offer.

After visiting your Lake Saint Louis home, we will make an offer in as little as 24 hours. We will consider a variety of factors in our offer, including the condition of the home, what other local homes are selling for, and how long those homes are taking to sell, to name a few.

Should you decide to accept our offer, we’ll use our partnerships with area title companies to move the closing process along quickly. Since we pay cash for homes, there are no concerns about the process slowing down due to time needed for loan paperwork to complete. We will have cash in your hands in just a few weeks!

Compare that to the much lengthier process involved in selling a home through a real estate agent. After you have interviewed a few agents and selected the one you wish to move forward with, you will then need to invest time in preparing the house for sale. Cosmetic improvements and repairs will need to be made both inside and outside the home in order to get it ready for sale.

Once your home is ready to go on the market, you will need to wait for the right buyer to come along. Depending on how in-demand homes in your area are, it could take weeks or even months for a buyer to come along who is interested in your home, who is willing to pay what you are asking, and who is able to secure financing to make the purchase.

Assuming you find such a buyer, you will then be looking at another month or so before your closing is complete. And that is assuming that your buyer’s financing doesn’t fall through, or that they do not ask you to make additional repairs that add even more time to your sales timeline.

Compare the amount of time needed in each scenario, and you will see how working with a company that buys homes as-is will allow you to sell your Lake St. Louis home fast. And do not overlook the expense that can go into selling through a real estate agent. Not only will you need to pay your agent commission in exchange for working for you, but you will need to cover the costs of your various repairs and improvements as well. Those can really add up quickly. And for repairs and improvements you cannot make yourself, you will be faced with the cost of hiring a contractor or repair person.

When selling as-is, you do not need to make a single improvement or repair. We take ownership of the home in the exact same condition it is in when we visit your property. Think of the time and money this can save! Don’t waste any more time with other methods of selling your home. Contact us today to sell fast. (314) 926-0660

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