Have you ever seen ads online or on billboards from companies claiming to buy homes fast for cash and wondered about them? Perhaps you’re curious as to how those companies could sell your home any faster than you could sell it using a real estate agent. Or maybe you are curious as to whether their claims are accurate. At FasterHouse, we make those claims a reality every day, and if you want to sell your home fast in O’Fallon, we should be your first call.

It’s important that you understand how our process works and how it is superior to other methods available for selling your home. One important difference is how long it will take to get your home ready to sell. If you are working with a real estate agent, you will first need to prep your home so that it can look appealing to potential buyers. In the internet age, every prospective buyer wants to see your home inside and out from every possible angle before scheduling a viewing, If they don’t like what they see, hundreds of other homes are at their fingertips. And once they do decide to visit, even if they are simply driving through the neighborhood, their first impression of the property will be quite important.

That means you will need to take inventory of everything that needs to be improved cosmetically, from new coats of paint to patching up small holes to updating your flooring. You will also need to look for functional repairs that need to be made. That cabinet that doesn’t quite close all the way that you’ve been putting off fixing? It’s time to repair it. That door with the loose hinge? It needs to be tightened. And every other repair on your list needs to be taken care of before prospective buyers come to check out your home. But when you sell your home to FasterHouse as-is, you don’t need to make any cosmetic improvements. And you do not need to make any functional improvements.

We take ownership of your home in the exact state it is in when we visit it, saving you the time, effort, and financial investment needed to prep the home. So if your goal is to sell your home fast in O’Fallon, you can already see how we are shaving weeks off of the process.

Another important difference is that we pay cash for properties. Most individuals buying homes will need to secure a home loan in order to purchase a property. This can be troublesome for homeowners because if the buyers are not able to get a loan, then the whole process of selling the property must start again. And even if the loan is successfully secured, it can take more time to process all the loan paperwork than it will take in a cash sale like the ones FasterHouse conducts.

You’ll also save lots of time in selling your home to us because you will not need to wait the weeks or even months it takes to simply find a buyer. The time needed to sell your home can vary greatly based on a number of factors. What time of year is it? Is your home located in a desirable area? What school district are you in? How many other houses on the market near you are comparably priced? Does your home have a similar number of bedrooms and bathrooms to those? What is your asking price? With all those factors to consider, you can easily envision a scenario where finding the perfect buyer can take a while.

But because we are already experts in your area, we take all these factors into consideration when making an offer on your home. So rather than waiting while many possible buyers visit, you can simply call us, show us your property, and then wait as little as 24 hours to receive an offer from us!

As you can see, selling your home as-is is a simple, quick process that will put cash in your hands before you know it. Don’t settle for slower alternatives – sell your house fast in  O’Fallon by calling FasterHouse today. (314) 926-0660

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