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Sell My Inherited House

Sell My Inherited House

I need or want to sell my inherited house. What should I do?

Sell My Inherited HouseIf you have inherited a house and are thinking about selling it, FasterHouse would like to talk with you. We work with inheritors to help them sort through their options so they can make an informed decision.

Our buyers are knowledgeable about the circumstances surrounding an inherited estate, are understanding about the sensitive nature of inheritance issues, especially if the home belonged to your parents, and will work on your preferred time schedule to settle the estate. We will help you sell your inherited house quickly and easily.

It can be easy to let estate issues linger on, especially when there are multiple inheritors who have to come to an agreement about what to do with an inherited house. A common mistake is letting the issue drag on due to inaction, which causes overhead costs to skyrocket. Inheritors don’t often think about how the bills can pile up over time to manage utilities, deal with maintenance issues, pay taxes, and other expenses.

If you are considering rehabbing the house yourself, give careful consideration to the numbers. Too often, inheritors invest their own money into painting, flooring, new kitchens and baths, updating electrical and plumbing systems, repairing foundations, replacing roofs . . . the list goes on and on. Unfortunately, inheritors don’t always recoup their investment in the sale, and find out after the fact that they wasted precious time and money on a project that didn’t earn them extra money in the end.inherited house-will or living trust

At FasterHouse our goal is to make the process fast and easy for you. You don’t even have to clean out the house before calling us. We have connections with trusted companies who can help, like estate sellers and non-profit charities. We refer them because we can trust them to treat you professionally and make the process easy.

One of our buyers would like to come out and give you an offer on the house for you to consider. No obligation . . . no pressure . . . just information. What do you have to lose? Call FasterHouse today at 314-926-0660.