Sell My St Louis House AS-IS

Sell My St Louis House AS-ISIf you want to save time while making money, then deciding to sell my house fast St. Louis, as-is can be a great decision. Rather than the long, expensive process of prepping a home for sale through a realtor or renting it to tenants, you can reduce expenses while enjoying a cash payout when you choose to sell your St. Louis house as-is. Here are just some of the ways you’ll save with an as-is home sale:

Cosmetic Improvements

There are certain basic cosmetic improvements you will need to make to your home in order to be able to sell it through a realtor. Most, if not all, rooms in the home will need a fresh coat of paint to look their best. There may be issues with flooring, cabinets, or other areas of the home that you have grown used to, but a prospective buyer will heavily scrutinize.

The exterior of the home will need to be addressed, too. Curb appeal is critical to simply getting someone into the home for a formal viewing, so landscaping, paint, and other outdoor features will also need to be addressed.

If you’re taking a DIY approach to these, you’re facing expensive materials costs, plus a serious time commitment. If you plan on paying a contractor or handyman service, you may be saving some time but you’ll be spending even more money.

However, when you choose to sell your St. Louis property as-is, you do not need to make repairs, freshen up paint, or worry about landscaping. FasterHouse will take your home in its current condition, saving you money, time, and probably headaches!


Beyond basic cosmetic repairs, there is a whole other world of larger repairs. Your home will need to pass inspection to be sold through a realtor, and that inspection often reveals damage that you didn’t even know existed. Your roof may seem fine to you, but a realtor might recommend it be replaced in order to sell the house. That crack in your driveway that you’ve been ignoring? An inspector may want it repaired in order to pass inspection. Your carpet seems fine, that is until you move a couch while staging the home, only to notice that spill from a few years ago that you’d been covering up. Now you’re staring at a bill for replacing the carpet in the entire room.

Those types of repairs can easily total several thousand dollars. Why spend that additional money when you could save it by selling your home as-is for cash?

Realtor Fees & Negotiations

Your realtor is going to take a percentage of the sale price of your home as their fee for helping to sell your home. And while it is certainly fair for them to do so, that doesn’t make it any less frustrating to have to give away more of your earnings.

Furthermore, sales often include multiple agents, as the new owners of your home probably used a different real estate agent than you used to sell the home. So they will be taking a percentage as well. And most realtor-driven home sales involve negotiations, with buyers offering less than your original asking price or requesting that you, the seller, cover closing costs.

All of those are avoided in an as-is sale. We pay you directly, and our first offer is our best offer, so you don’t need to worry about negotiations.

Ongoing Bills

Another cost-saving benefit of selling your home as-is comes in the money you will save on bills. Since the process of selling through a realtor often takes several months, that means that you will be paying your mortgage and utility bills that entire time. Those bills can add up quickly, and are especially frustrating to pay if you have already moved into another home. By selling your house as-is, you’ll have greatly expedited the sales process and, in turn, avoided all those additional bills.

If saving money and making money at the same time sounds like something you’d like to do, contact FasterHouse today via our simple online form or by calling us at 314-926-0660 to sell my St Louis house as is. We’ll start you down the path to saving on repairs, paint, fees, and bills with an as-is sale of your St. Louis house.

PS We also buy As-Is houses in Jefferson county and St Charles county areas because we buy houses St Louis.

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