Selling House As Is Reviews In St Louis

“Hi my name is Sandy Ray, I have been a CPA for FasterHouse for over 5 years.  They came to our firm when they needed help with accounting needs…

Their business was growing and they needed help with house costs and a better idea of their inventory and rental houses. As we developed reports and analyzed statements one thing always stuck out in my mind.  FasterHouse is concerned about the homeowner.  They want them to be successful whether it is allowing them to sell their home easily or developing a plan for them to rent for a period of time and then purchase their own home.  I was able to experience first hand the compassion and efficiency of the FasterHouse team.

My grandfather wanted to sell his home that he and my grandma had lived in for over 50 years.  He was moving in with my aunt since he no longer wanted to live by himself.  Our family cleaned out the majority of his home and FasterHouse came in and cleaned out the rest.  We were able to sell his house as is and not worry about fixing it up.   Whenever I hear of a homeowner in a difficult situation, I think of the FasterHouse team.  It is a pleasure working with such innovative and caring people.”

Sandy Ray, CPA


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