Do you have a home to sell in Fenton? Or are you considering selling your Fenton home, but are unsure of how to begin the process? The process of selling a home can be confusing, and perhaps even intimidating, especially if you are selling for the first time. But at FasterHouse, we have perfected a process that is simple, fast, and pays you in cash for your home. Learn more about how we buy houses in Fenton from homeowners just like you.

Generally, when people think of selling their home, they think of working with a realtor to help find a buyer. That approach certainly comes with a number of advantages, as a realtor can help you market your home with web site visibility, signage, brochures, and more. They can help you understand how much you might be able to get for the home based on local market comparables, and their network of realtors can help refer potential buyers. And they can help you with paperwork and closing, which can be confusing steps to take as you sell your home.

But there are also some significant drawbacks to working with a realtor.

-Commission: If you’re selling your home, you want to keep every penny involved in the sale. Realtor commission is usually around 6%. If you’re selling a $150,000 house, that’s $9,000 leaving your pocket and going into the realtor’s. Are you prepared to give that away?

-Length of the sale: Selling through a realtor can be a lengthy journey, as you spend weeks prepping the house to be listed, waiting for showings to occur, negotiating terms of the sale with a buyer, and finally closing. Wouldn’t you like an option that allows you to sell your home faster, and in turn get paid faster?

We buy houses in Fenton from homeowners just like you, and they choose to work with us instead of going through a realtor because:

-We pay with cash: Don’t want to worry about a buyer’s financing falling through? We don’t blame you. Sadly, it is not unheard of for a buyer to think they will be able to secure a home loan, only to find out during the course of the sale that they cannot. This leaves both the buyer and the seller I a very difficult spot. The seller must start over from square one looking for a new buyer. But by buying with cash, we help assure that you won’t get any unwanted surprises during the sales process.

-We buy Fenton homes as-is: An as-is purchase means we take ownership of your home in its current condition. You can save the time and money that would have gone into minor touch-ups, aesthetic improvements, and functional repairs. This can be the difference between weeks’ worth of work and hundreds or even thousands of dollars invested.

-We are local experts in Fenton: FasterHouse has been serving the Fenton market for years. We know the area inside and out, and we are prepared to put that knowledge to work to provide you with a fair offer that is rooted in our deep understanding of the region.

-No Negotiating: Our first offer is our best offer – there is no need to haggle over closing costs, prices, or other factors that often come up when working with a realtor.

If this simpler approach to selling a home sounds appealing to you, then contact us today at 314-926-0660 or fill out this form. We can get you started down the path to a fast cash sale.

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