Companies That Buy Houses As Is

sell your house quicklyCompanies That Buy Houses As Is In St Louis

Most people believe that there are only two ways to sell your house fast — with the help of real estate agents, or by doing things themselves — but there’s actually a third way: selling to a real estate investor..

More often than not, working with these cash buyers of real estate is actually the easiest way to sell your house quickly. Here’s why.

You Can Sell Your House As Is.
In order to sell a house, homeowners need to fix the place up a bit, and make it presentable to prospective buyers. They have to add fresh coats of paint, fix cracks and leaks, and purge the house of all the clutter that’s accumulated over the years. Not only is this laborious, but it’s expensive, too. According to a survey from HomeGain, staging a house for sale cost people an average of $724. Real estate investment companies, however, will buy your house as is, which means you can literally sell your house quickly to them, no matter the condition. You won’t to spend a minute or a dime on any repairs or staging costs.

You Can Sell Your House Quickly.
Even after trying to entice buyers, sellers often have to wait and wait for a potential buyer to make an offer. According to mortgage company Ellie Mae, the average home sales closing time took about 37 days at the end of 2014. In a slow market, sellers may even have to wait for as long as nine months. If you sell your house quickly to a real estate investor, you won’t have to wait week after week to get an offer.

Real estate investment companies are always trying to find local houses for sale, for investment opportunities. You can sell your house quickly — as is — and be done with it. How much easier could it possibly get?

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