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The Indisputable #1 St. Louis House Buyer. Is it really true?

    The Indisputable #1 St. Louis House Buyer.  Is it really true? 

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    If you think all cash house buyers are the same… you are wrong.  This is not just a “motto”, we truly believe this. We have the best, most experienced house buyers in St. Louis and probably the country. Let us prove this to you and show you why we are different.

    We have a “no pressure”, very transparent approach and are happy to answer any questions you have along the way. We want you to understand the process and be fully in control of the outcome.

    Our goal in each situation is to find a win/win solution that works for all parties. We treat every person and every situation with respect and fairness. Combined we have almost 100 years of experience. We sincerely look forward to hearing from you and showing you why we are the trusted St. Louis home buyer.

    House Buyers - The FasterHouse Team

    Benefits of Cash House Buyers

    Selecting the right cash home buyer out of all the house buyers on the market today has many advantages. Make sure to do some initial research into the person and the company that you are considering selling your house. There are right and wrong ways to go about selling your home to a cash buyer.

    Most cash home buyers do not require an appraisal in order to purchase the house. This saves everyone money on an appraisal fee and also the homeowner does not have to worry about getting a house to appraise for a certain value. There is usually no commission to be paid by the home seller either. This definitely can save the seller thousands of dollars in commissions.

    Lastly, there is rarely an inspection contingency period in cash home buying scenarios. Inspections are the biggest headache and hurdle when it comes to selling a house. If you can avoid this, you are saving yourself a lot of time and money upon the sale of your property. Not all cash home buyers offer these three benefits, but FasterHouse almost always does!

    1. No appraisal needed to justify a purchase price
    2. No commission to be paid by the seller
    3. No inspection is needed (we do not need to do an inspection that cost time and money)

    How is FasterHouse different than all of the other cash home buyers?

    We are an actual company of professional house buyers and not someone working out of their basement. We are locally owned and all grew up in St. Louis, not a hedge fund or some out-of-town money trying to come into the market. We do not require commissions or appraisals on our offers. We rarely even need an inspection period. We are simple, easy, fast and trustworthy.

    Get a Free, Fair, Cash Offer

    Fill out a simple form or call us (314) 926-0660 and we will give you a cash offer in 24 hours. . .and you can decide when to close.

    What are Cash Home Buyers?

    A cash home buyer is someone who does not need financial approval to purchase a house. We do not actually buy houses with “cash” bills (that would be pretty cool though) but do have the available funds in a bank to be able to write a check or wire the money for the entire purchase. We are one of the select few actual cash home buyers St Louis that are “near me”.

    Many people claim that they are “cash” home buyers when in fact they just want to get your house under contract so that they can sell it to another party. We are the money behind the deal and do not have to sell your house purchase contract before you close in order to satisfy the contract. It took us some time to build up this amount of funds, but we have them and are happy to bring them to every deal.

    What makes us different- We have the available funds to close every single deal we get under contract. The biggest difference between us and most companies, is we do not require a financial contingency to close.

    We have built up reserves over the year and can close on every deal we get under contract. This is definitely not the case for most cash house buyers. If we do not close, the reason is usually out of our control. We offer straightforward contracts and do not need to hide behind anything such as “10-day inspection clauses” or “partner approval”

    Reviews of Cash House Buyers

    Make sure you are picking a company with experience and a great reputation. Checking out any reviews online is a great place to start. If a company does not have any reviews, that can be concerning, but not in every case.

    We have reviews out on Google, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, and more. We are proud of that and work every day to continue to treat everyone the right way.

    Giving people a platform to write good or bad reviews can be scary, but we feel it is extremely important to have a place you can go to get unbiased information on our company. It holds us accountable and proves that we are more than just talk. We back up our claim for amazing service

    What makes us differentWe put ourselves out there for the public to review as house buyers. Very few cash home buyers have a website, let alone review pages. We are highly reviewed with some great results. We are proud of this and make it a priority to treat everyone fairly with the hopes of a positive review.

    Cash Home Buyers Near Me

    We currently have 6 cash home buyer specialists on our team, which is the most in the industry. All of our house buyers live in different areas of the St. Louis Metro and know the market extremely well. We can bounce ideas off each other and work together to get you the most accurate and fair number possible. There is a wealth of knowledge on our team that we are lucky to be able to tap into. 

    If you need us to get out to your house ASAP, we can almost always make that work because one of us will have an open schedule to work in your appointment. We believe in strength in numbers and use this to benefit you!

    What makes us different – Numbers, numbers, numbers…. We have more house buyers and a larger office staff than anyone in town. We will take care of you before, during, and after the contract. We have a large office that is fully staffed every day ready to buy houses. It is all we do and we are good at it.  Other house buyers don’t even come close!

    FasterHouse is a professional company full of local house buyers and people who want to make your lives easier and make the community better. We want to close every deal but do not “live and die” by each one. This laid-back approach puts ZERO pressure on you as a seller.

    We offer fair prices and can move at any pace you desire or need. We can close in less than two weeks or in two months. Every decision is up to you, we are truly just here to help. Please give us a chance to work with you. We know you will not be disappointed if you need to sell my house fast for cash!