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Is FasterHouse Legit?

Are you selling your home? Be prepared for some concerning news.

As of 2022, housing fraud rates have shot up to 23%. To make matters worse, 73% of real estate firms across the country have reported a sharp increase in scams as of early 2023.

The real estate industry is a fraud-prone space, with 70% of transactions susceptible to scams.

FasterHouse - We Buy Houses in St. Louis

Should you give up on the idea of selling your home? We say no, especially if you need fast liquidity for whatever life throws your way. All you need to do is find a legit company to buy your home for cash.

At FasterHouse, we ensure a legitimate transaction that ends with a hassle-free sale and money in your pockets. Learn more about us and find out why we’re among the most trusted real estate companies in St. Louis.

Who Is FasterHouse?

We’re FasterHouse, a locally owned and operated real estate company in St. Louis. With over 1,900 houses bought in the past 20 years, we thrive on making fair offers and positively impacting lives.

We’ve received accolades and accreditations from the Better Business Bureau since 2006, meaning overseeing bodies acknowledge our efforts and practices in real estate.

As a company, we put people first, donate to mental health causes through Greater Giving, and commit to hassle-free transactions.

From quick closes to unique situations, FasterHouse is your trusted partner for a seamless cash sale of your St. Louis home.

Is FasterHouse Legit?

Since our founding in 2002, we’ve helped over 10,000 clients with our transparent cash offers. Our cash offers are some of the fairest in St. Louis, as they often match the original values of the homes we purchase.

We’ve purchased over 1,900 homes in St. Louis, navigating diverse situations and consistently positively impacting our clients’ lives. Due to our impact on our clients and the community, we’ve solidified ourselves as the number one homebuyers in St. Louis.

Reviews & Testimonials

Here are a couple of raving reviews we’ve gotten from our past clients.

Here’s one from one of our clients in North County:

  • “After my husband passed away, I received a letter from FasterHouse and just offered if I would like to have them come look at the house and give me a price. It (the offer) was so very fair and generous, and it is a great savings to me. I didn’t have any details that I had to work out or anything. They just took it and ran with it, so here we are, closing day.”

Here’s another from one of our lovely clients in St. Louis:

  • “My grandfather wanted to sell my house fast St. Louis, and  he and my grandma had lived in for over 50 years. Our family cleaned out the majority of his home, and FasterHouse came in and cleaned out the rest. We were able to sell his house as is and not worry about fixing it up. Whenever I hear of a homeowner in a difficult situation, I think of the FasterHouse team. It is a pleasure working with such innovative and caring people.”

The reviews keep on coming.

Check out countless testimonials from the many clients who have benefitted from our services.

Get Cash for Your House

Are you prepared to sell your St. Louis property? Here’s what you can look forward to when you accept a cash offer from us at FasterHouse:

  • Maximize Your Profit: Receive the most money for your home.
  • Swift Transactions: Experience a fast and efficient selling process.
  • Hassle-Free Dealings: Say goodbye to unnecessary complications.
  • Fair Offers: Our team ensures fairness in every transaction.

We Buy Houses St. Louis Team

Sell It Quickly to Our Team

Whether you have a property with code violations or one with deed problems, FasterHouse is here to provide a stress-free solution.

Discover the advantages of selling your house to us. Contact our team and get a quick and free cash offer today.

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We’re among the most trusted real estate companies in St. Louis. Learn more about our team and discover what differentiates us from other companies.

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Entrust Your Home Sale to a Legit Homebuyer

When selling your home fast, choose a partner trusted for decades by thousands of home sellers — us.

At FasterHouse, we buy houses St Louis and we commit to fair, fast, and hassle-free home sale transactions. Get a cash offer today and find out how much we’ll pay you for your St. Louis home.


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