House Buying Companies Review in Florissant

Heather – “All right, so tell me a little bit about the house that you just sold?”

“Well we moved in when I was eight years old, 1973. My mom and dad had a wonderful marriage in that home. Raised us children up until we all left, and I was the only one who stayed close, everyone else kind of moved far away. I’m going to miss it severely I’ve already had my crying spell. It’s a beautiful home it’s a very warm home, never felt any negative feelings off of it what so ever. Mom and Dad may have had their disagreements, but it was nothing severe. The house is very warm feeling and anyone who gets it I’m sure will be totally happy with it, it’s a beautiful home.”

Heather – “So tell me your parents passed correct? Tell me about that process of deciding what to do with the house?”

“Well I got told how much it would cost to bring it up to Florissant code, which is a lot of money, they wanted a new roof, a new water heater, a new furnace, a new air conditioner, all the neat things that cost a lot of money. They wanted that brought up to Florissant code, which my understanding through checking the different things that I did  it would cost about $30-40,000 to do so. I was like no, I don’t have that type of kind of money, so I started checking into the places that buy houses where you don’t have to do that, they take care of it if, fix it up, and sell it.”

Heather – “Tell me about the people who you contacted, or how did you find out about Jeremy?”

“I received a letter from Jeremy I’d say about a month or so after my mom passed, and it was just letting me know that he was interested in the house and that when I was ready to contact him and let him know that I was interested in letting him come out and look at the house. It took a while since my mom passed a year-and-a-half ago, but once I finally started looking through different places that buy houses the way that Fasterhouse does, everyone else was giving me a way low bid, like major low, and you know Jeremy he, I don’t know he just right off the bat I felt comfortable with him. I didn’t feel hassle, I didn’t feel that I was being pushed into anything, and he explained everything to me very well.”

Heather – “Excellent, and you said you talked to some other investors?”

“Yea, but I don’t want to give their names other where I did talk to other one’s like I said, I felt like they were being pushy and I didn’t like that.”

Heather – “So Jeremy bought the house how long was that process for you, how long did the process take?”

“It took a total for four weeks.”

Heather – “From the time that Jeremy wrote the contract to the close, and was that time frame acceptable?”

“Yeah, yeah it he gave me the time to do all the little things I wanted to do to the house. He told me I didn’t have to do the last little cleaning been straight out anything like that, but I felt like I needed to. So I went ahead and I cleaned up some of the house as best as I could, and some of yard, I trimmed some of the bushes and straightened it up a little bit to where it looked a little bit more presentable. I know they’re gonna change it, but still, made me feel better. “

Heather – “So you close today, the closing process worked well? Were they good to you at the title company?”

“Great, the title company was awesome, dealing with Tracy who was very nice, very polite. I got there I think at like 1:20 and only like 1:35.”

Heather – “So if you had others that were in a similar situation and asked what should we do would there be something you tell?”

“I would tell him to come to Fasterhouse. Because of all the other ones that I met, they to me were too pushy, didn’t want to let me do it in my time, not their time. To me this was a grieving process, it’s a process that you have to take slowly, and Jeremy let me do that.”


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