Assessed Value vs Market Value for Home Sale

The Guide to Selling My Inherited House in Saint Louis, MO

Assessed Value vs Market Value for Home Sale

We work with St. Louis-area residents who have many different reasons for selling their homes, and one question we often receive is “Should I sell my inherited house in St. Louis?” FasterHouse specializes in these types of home sales, so we encourage you to reach out to our local experts if you are going to sell your inherited house in St. Louis. We know it’s essential to make the right decision especially given that you’re deciding what to do with the former home of a loved one.

Should you sell your inherited home?

In some cases, receiving a house as an inheritance could be a great thing. Perhaps you do not already own your home, or the home you are inheriting is the one you grew up in and you want to restore your memories by moving back in. Or maybe it’s simply larger or nicer than your current residence.

But there are many other instances in which receiving an inherited house might not be ideal. If you already own a home you are happy in, receiving another home via inheritance may be a bit of a burden. Maybe you live outside of St. Louis, so inheriting a home in St. Louis is inconvenient. Or it could be that you want to sell an inherited home to offset the taxes that come with it.

So the answer to whether you should sell a home you have inherited is dependent on your personal situation. Is the home or the cash you could get for it a better fit for you personally?

How should you sell your inherited home?

“Should I sell my inherited house in St. Louis through a realtor or to a direct home buyer?” This is the next question you’ll need to answer once you have made the decision to sell an inherited property. As with the first question, this will depend on your own personal situation.

If selling your home received as a gift quickly is important to you, working with a direct home buyer in St. Louis like FasterHouse will be your best bet. If you choose to work with a real estate agent, you will need to go through a lengthy process that involves selecting the right realtor, fixing any areas of your home that need to be repaired, getting rid of clutter, showing your home to potential buyers, and then once finding a buyer, waiting for paperwork and closing to be completed.

If you don’t have several months to wait for that process to unfold, then selling through a real estate agent is probably not for you. However, if you choose to sell your inherited home through FasterHouse, you will enjoy a much faster stress-free process. After you schedule time for us to visit your home and discuss your goals, we will make a cash offer to you in as little as 24 hours later.

We’ll buy your inherited home as-is, so the time you would spend removing excess items, cleaning, painting, and repairing can all be saved – as can the expense that goes with those activities. You’ll also save money on the bills you’d have paid for the house while waiting for an agent to sell it. Who wants to pay for an inherited home’s electricity, water, and mortgage bills?

Do you have other tasks related to the inheritance?

Chances are, if you have inherited a home, you may have other responsibilities and concerns related to the inheritance. You may be assisting in the execution of the will or trust, or you may be helping family members with their needs following the loss of your loved ones. And that’s not to mention your own day-to-day responsibilities as a parent, spouse, or employee. Managing an inherited house is a significant consideration, and many people often find that selling the home for cash to a home buyer like FasterHouse is the most effective option available if you need to sell my house fast St Louis.

If you have an inherited house in the greater St. Louis area that you would like to sell, contact FasterHouse today. We can discuss your options and schedule some time to visit the property and make a fair offer. Start the process today by filling out this form, or by calling our friendly home-buying experts at 314-926-0660.

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