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Broad Oak before-after rehab video

Gorgeous Ranch Rehab in 63128

    Here is another gorgeous FasterHouse rehab.  We pride ourselves in giving new life to outdated homes through out the St Louis metro area, St Charles county and Jefferson county. Transcription: Curve appeal was really enhanced with this house by removing unnecessary trees, painting the shudders and front door, and adding fresh mulch and shrubbery. The living room was opened up by removing the non-load bearing wall. New laminate hard wood was placed throughout the main living level. New paint and fresh new baseboards and light fixtures rounded out the living… Read More »Gorgeous Ranch Rehab in 63128

    Selling Your House As Is In Chesterfield Review

    Selling Your House As-Is In Chesterfield Review

      Here is a satisfied home seller, Edyth, from Chesterfield that worked with Rachel at the time of closing. Sam is a member of the FasterHouse team that met with Edyth at her house and worked with her throughout the entire process from start to finish! Rachel: I guess the first thing would be what made you decide to want to sell your house and sell it as is? Edyth: Because I didn’t want to do any work, my husband had just passed away. It was just too much, I just… Read More »Selling Your House As-Is In Chesterfield Review

      House selling stress

      How To Sell Your House With Less Stress

        The first thing that comes to mind for many people when they think about selling their house is stress. From the moment you decide to sell there are so many decisions to make, a wide variety of people to deal with, and what feels like dozens of different requirements, schedules, and appointments to juggle, you might want to give up before you have even begun. However, there is a way to sell your house, without all of the stress that’s heaped upon you when you sell in the traditional way.… Read More »How To Sell Your House With Less Stress

        Sell your house for cash - brief case with cash

        Sell Your House For Cash, Is It Right For You?

          Whether a cash purchase is right for your situation or not, is it even possible to sell your house for cash? What does it even mean to sell your house for cash? Yes, you can sell your house for cash so to speak. Actually, what happens is that you will be given a check from the title company or attorney at the time of closing and not actual cash. The expression “sell your house for cash” just means that the contract will NOT be contingent on financing. The buyer will… Read More »Sell Your House For Cash, Is It Right For You?

          We Buy Houses in All Price Ranges

          We Buy Houses in All Price Ranges

            We get calls and online inquiries from homeowners all around the greater St. Louis area each day, and one question that often comes up involves what types of homes we buy. Based on our years of experience buying homes in the area, we can confidently explain to homeowners that we buy St. Louis homes in all price ranges across all areas of the city. We are proud of having been able to help homeowners who are looking for fast cash sales of their property no matter where they live. We… Read More »We Buy Houses in All Price Ranges

            We Buy Houses In the Saint Louis Area

            We Buy Houses in the Saint Louis Area

              You’ve likely seen many online advertisements or highway signs telling you “we buy houses in St. Louis.” But you should be wary of those “we buy houses in Saint Louis” claims, as not every home buyer offers the same benefits that you’ll enjoy working with FasterHouse. What makes FasterHouse your ideal choice for a St. Louis home buyer? We Buy Houses As-Is FasterHouse buys properties in St. Louis as-is, meaning we don’t require you to make a long list of repairs before buying. Our home buying experts will visit your… Read More »We Buy Houses in the Saint Louis Area

              We Buy Houses St Charles MO - 2 Story White Home

              We Buy Houses St. Charles

                “We buy houses in St. Charles” is something you’ll see lots of companies use in their advertising, but you can’t trust just any home buyer with something as important as selling your home. You’ll want to make sure you’re working with a partner who can move quickly, pay cash, make a fair offer, and can serve as a trusted partner. When you’re weighing those factors, you’ll find that when We Buy Houses in St. Charles, we’re providing real solutions for your needs. Relationships Built on Trust When you’re selling your… Read More »We Buy Houses St. Charles

                We Buy Houses St Louis

                We Buy Houses St. Louis

                  Searching for “We Buy Houses St. Louis”? Like others in your situation, you have a house in the St. Louis that you need to sell quickly. You may have to move soon, you may have inherited a house, or your house may require so many upgrades and fixes that you will have difficulty selling it “as is”. You may be in any of these tough situations: Inherited a house you do not want or it needs too much work Moving in to an assisted living facility or nursing home Landlords… Read More »We Buy Houses St. Louis

                  black mold dangers

                  We Buy Houses with Mold

                    The following scenario has played out all too many times during the process of selling a home. A home seller has had their home on the market for some time and finally finds a buyer. The buyer makes an offer on the home, and after some back and forth negotiations, an offer that both sides can agree upon is reached. Home loans are being finalized, the current owners are looking for a new property, and then, upon inspecting the home to help close the sale, mold is discovered. Now the… Read More »We Buy Houses with Mold