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Home Buying Sites

    There are several ways that you can sell your home. Most people are familiar with the option of using a real estate agent to sell your property, and some people also realize you can sell your home as an owner. But how familiar are you with home buying sites? If you are selling your home, this is an option you may want to consider as there are many advantages to using home buying sites. Experience with Every Home Selling Situation One advantage of selling through a home buying sites is… Read More »Home Buying Sites

    We buy foundation cracked houses

    Foundation Cracked Houses

      Imagine the following scenario: you are preparing to sell your home. You have selected a real estate agent, and in the course of ensuring the house is ready for sale, you schedule a home inspection. While your home may seem like it’s in great shape while you live in it day-to-day, you never know what problems an inspector might find that are not readily apparent. In this case, the inspector brings bad news, explaining that your house’s foundation is cracked. What do you do now? suggests that a typical… Read More »Foundation Cracked Houses

      Flooded basement houses

      Flooded Basement Houses

        A flooded basement can cause a variety of problems ranging from minor inconveniences to ones requiring costly repairs. In more extreme scenarios, you might decide that because of the damage caused by basement flooding that it makes more sense to sell your home as-is. FasterHouse offers you over 15 years of experience helping people in situations similar to yours find an effective way to get fair cash offers for their St Louis houses with flooded basements. There are many reasons that a basement may flood. Too much rain, backed up… Read More »Flooded Basement Houses

        Fire damaged houses

        Fire Damaged Houses

          Has your home suffered damage from a fire? If so, you may be weighing the options available to you. The severity of the damage will strongly influence your decision, as lesser amounts of damage might allow you to continue living in the home while other levels of damage might require vacating the home temporarily while repairs are made. If that is the case, you may then want to consider a different option – selling your fire damaged house in St Louis as-is. FasterHouse specializes in these types of sales, giving… Read More »Fire Damaged Houses

          Downsizing your home

          Downsizing Your Home

            The expression “bigger is better” doesn’t always apply to home ownership. While many people dream of sprawling mansions with 20 rooms situated on several acres of land, there are several reasons that homeowners today are downsizing. If you are downsizing your home for any of the reasons listed below, FasterHouse can help. For some people, downsizing your home is a choice driven by their children moving out of the home. When raising a family, you need a more spacious home for your children to play and for everyone to enjoy… Read More »Downsizing Your Home

            Couple transitioning to senior living

            Downsizing Assistance

              Have you found that you have more home than you need? You may have children that have gone off to college and left you with empty rooms, or you may be tired of things like lawn maintenance on a larger home. Whatever your reason for downsizing, FasterHouse is able to provide downsizing assistance in St Louis by making a cash offer for your home. While one of the points of downsizing is to make life easier to manage, the actual process of downsizing can be long and complicated. One of… Read More »Downsizing Assistance

              divorce situations


                When a couple is impacted by divorce, there are many different priorities that will need to be addressed. If children are involved, there will be a need to negotiate custody. Financial assets will be heavily scrutinized so that alimony and/or child support payments can be made. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. With so many factors to consider, you will appreciate being able to shed whatever potential concerns you can. One option you might want to look at is working with FasterHouse to sell your St Louis-area… Read More »Divorce

                Considerations For Inherited Property

                  If you have recently inherited a property, or you think that you may have an inherited property in the future, it is important to understand what your options are in regards to the home. It can actually be a much more complicated issue than many people realize. What are some of the key considerations associated with an inherited property and what you should do with it? What are the tax considerations in my state? If you are inheriting a home, you may be subject to an inheritance tax depending on… Read More »Considerations For Inherited Property

                  bad tenant

                  Bad Tenant Rentals

                    Renting out a home that you own can be a fantastic source of additional income. It’s a great way to earn additional revenue while paying down the amount you own on the house so that when you choose to sell it, you can maximize your profits. But it is not without risks. There are a number of potential downsides that might occur while renting out your home. When faced with a bad tenant rental situation in St Louis, you may find it is better to simply sell your home for… Read More »Bad Tenant Rentals