How to sell an inherited house in lake saint louis

Inherited house with multiple heirs requiring a lot of updating and repairs

A story from a house FasterHouse bought. The house was in Lake St. Louis, Missouri. A gentleman called us about his parent’s house. He had grown up in the house. They lived there for 35 or 40 years. His parents built the house. Everything was original. They hadn’t updated anything over the years. It needed a considerable amount of work and updating. The gentleman had 4 other brothers and sisters. He was the only one who lived in the St. Louis Metro area. He was responsible for settling the estate. There was a fair amount of work to do and he had a very busy life. He wanted an easy way to sell the house fast without requiring a lot of time or money.

We met him out at the house. We looked at the house. It is the type of house that we buy. We negotiated a price that worked for both of us. We wrote up a contract and a week later we signed the papers and he had a check. This is a somewhat typical scenario we run in to a lot. Where one sibling is responsible to get the estate settled even though there are several siblings involved. One sibling has the majority of the responsibility because they are the only one who lives locally. We can often make it very easy for all the heirs. If they go through the trouble of rehabbing it, they do a lot of work for a small return if any on the investment. By selling the house to FasterHouse, they were able to quickly sell the house and split the profits without the hassles of fixing it up and putting it on the market.

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