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Rental Property

Sell your rental house / property fast for cash and remove your burden. FasterHouse is a professional house buying company. We buy houses St Louis as is in any condition, ugly or pretty, through out the St Louis Missouri metro area. Get a free, fair offer call 314-926-0660 today!

Back Taxes in MO Explained

We Buy Houses in St. Louis MO if Back Taxes Are Owed

    We Buy Houses in St. Louis if Back Taxes Are Owed Imagine your House as a ship. On it, you’ve navigated the storms of life, and it has always prevailed. Unfortunately, one storm has left a dent in your property’s value — the accumulation of back taxes. Home values are rising in this part of Missouri. As of May 12, 2023, home values have increased by 19%. While this is excellent news for sellers, it also means that property taxes have increased significantly. Recently, combined property taxes have increased to… Read More »We Buy Houses in St. Louis MO if Back Taxes Are Owed

    How to Sell Your Home Fast for Cash [2023 Mega Guide]

      How to Sell Your Home Fast for Cash [2023 Mega Guide] Sometimes life throws us a curveball and we have to react quickly to avoid letting it turn our whole life upside down. Maybe you got a new job in another state or you inherited an unwanted house and you need to get rid of it quickly. Whatever the reason, selling your home for cash can be a great way to get your money fast. There are several things you can do to help sell your home fast for cash.… Read More »How to Sell Your Home Fast for Cash [2023 Mega Guide]

      bad tenant

      Bad Tenant Rentals

        Renting out a home that you own can be a fantastic source of additional income. It’s a great way to earn additional revenue while paying down the amount you own on the house so that when you choose to sell it, you can maximize your profits. But it is not without risks. There are a number of potential downsides that might occur while renting out your home. When faced with a bad tenant rental situation in St Louis, you may find it is better to simply sell your home for… Read More »Bad Tenant Rentals

        When It Goes Bad With A Tenant

          For many homeowners, using their house, villa, or townhome as a rental property can be an excellent way to add some incremental monthly revenue. A good, reliable tenant can make being a landlord easy – you simply keep up on a few utility bills, make sure the tenant has no major concerns, and cash a rent check each month. But bad tenants can cause a variety of problems, and may cause you to decide that renting a home – and maybe even owning the home – is just not for… Read More »When It Goes Bad With A Tenant