You Can Sell Your St Louis, MO, Rental Property If You're Tired of Renting Out Your Home

You Can Sell Your St Louis, MO, Rental Property If You’re Tired of Renting Out Your Home

Your life as a St. Louis landlord is a lot like being the captain of a ship navigating through a turbulent sea. At the outset, you embark on the journey enthusiastically, envisioning calm waters and smooth sailing. However, the once-promising voyage can become a challenging expedition filled with unforeseen obstacles as time passes. You’re not alone; many landlords in St. Louis, MO, and across the country face issues that can make being a landlord less appealing.

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Landlord Problems

In the bustling rental market of St. Louis, Missouri, residential home listings saw an increment of 2.9%. In comparison, townhouse or condo homes experienced a slightly larger growth at 5.9%. The rental market trends show an average rent of USD 1,182 for studios, USD 1295 for one bedroom, and USD 1514 for two bedrooms.

The industry is booming, but all that glitters is not gold. Landlords often encounter challenges that can test their patience and financial stability, including the following:

  • Vacancy Woes: The constant ebb and flow of tenants can result in extended vacancies, impacting your rental income and profitability.
  • Late Rent Payments: Chasing down tenants for rent payments can be frustrating, especially when they’re consistently late.
  • Property Maintenance: Regular maintenance and repairs are a part of the landlord’s responsibilities, and these costs can quickly add up.
  • Tenant Issues: Dealing with difficult tenants, property damage, and lease violations can be a significant source of stress.
  • Eviction Process: Evictions are a legal and emotional minefield many landlords prefer to avoid.
  • Market Fluctuations: Changes in the real estate market can impact the value of your property, making it difficult to predict your investment’s future worth.

Tired of It and Being a Landlord Is No Longer For You?

As per the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), approximately 10.6 million Americans reported rental income during tax submissions, suggesting that about 7.1% of tax filers might be landlords. These numbers mean that people own rental properties for various reasons, such as an investment opportunity, a means to earn passive income, or simply because they inherited the property. However, owning and managing a rental property isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

The responsibilities, risks, and unpredictability can become overwhelming over time. If you are tired of managing your St. Louis rental property, know you’re not alone in feeling this way. Perhaps you’ve reached a point where you want to explore other opportunities, or the demands of being a landlord have become too taxing. But what do you do when you’re ready to part ways with your rental property?

Sell It Fast as a Solution Even With Tenants

The good news is that you can sell your St. Louis rental property, even if you have tenants in place. However, navigating this process can be challenging, making FasterHouse a valuable resource. We specialize in helping landlords just like you transition from being property owners to sellers!

How We Help

Selling a rental property, especially when tenants currently reside there, can pose unique challenges. Maintaining relationships with tenants while engaging with potential buyers is a delicate balance. Legal considerations also come into play, respecting tenant rights while ensuring the property is ready for viewing and sale.

FasterHouse is a team of real estate experts with deep knowledge of the St. Louis property market. We understand the intricacies of selling rental properties and are adept at handling transactions even with sitting tenants. We work closely with landlords, guiding them through every aspect of the sale process.


Get Freedom by Selling Your House and Get Cash

Our key aim is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We handle all the paperwork, coordinate with tenants, and ensure that every step is legal and fair. With FasterHouse, landlords can convert their rental properties into cash without the usual hassles and complications.

Sell It To Us For Cash Quickly

FasterHouse offers a streamlined process for selling your St. Louis rental property — here’s how it works:

  1. Contact Us: Reach out to us and provide basic information about your property.
  2. Property Evaluation: We’ll assess your property’s value and potential, even with residing tenants.
  3. Cash Offer: You’ll receive a competitive cash offer for your property, no matter its condition or the status of your tenants.
  4. Fast Closing: Once you say yes to our offer, we aim for a quick and hassle-free closing process, ensuring you receive your cash promptly.

Trust FasterHouse For Faster Closing — Read About Us

If you’re tired of being a landlord in St. Louis, MO, and all you can say is, “I want to sell my rental property,” trust FasterHouse. We have a track record of eagerly assisting homeowners in various situations. Our commitment to providing fair, competitive cash offers ensures you can confidently transition from landlord to seller. You’ve sailed the turbulent seas of being a landlord; now, it’s time to find your calm and prosperous shore because we buy houses St Louis. Request a free instant cash offer today!


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